From February 2019 Subsonica are in tour in the arenas.

There are not too many bands in Italy that will make you dance like us”. Samuel opened the 8Tour event with this sentence, and it was damned true for each gig.

The 2 and a half hour live shows are a mix between the past and present, with only a short interlude, when Samuel and Vicio, while seated on the edge of the stage perform an enchanted duet cover of Radiohead’s Creep.


Another novelty is the presence on stage of the only announced guest Willie Peyote performing 3 songs featuring Subsonica.

All tour dates have been entrusted to Mister X’s service that contributed with style to the great atmosphere created by the band from Turin.

Following the setlist

  • Bottiglie rotte
  • Discolabirinto
  • Up patriots to arm
  • Nuova ossessione
  • Jolly roger
  • Fenice
  • Punto critico
  • Medley: Liberi tutti, Il Diluvio, Perfezione
  • Cover: Creep Radiohead
  • Buncia
  • L’incredibile performance di un uomo morto
  • Respirare
  • Cieli in fiamme
  • L’incubo feat. Willie Peyote
  • Cani Willie Peyote feat. Subsonica
  • Radioestensioni feat. Willie Peyote
  • La glaciazione
  • Nuvole rapide
  • Veleno
  • Aurora sogna
  • Depre
  • Onde
  • Il cielo su Torino
  • Odore
  • Abitudine
  • Benzina
  • Tutti i miei sbagli
  • Strade