Swefog Duramax Intellahazer 1k8 inflightcase

Swefog Duramax Intellahazer 1k8 inflightcase

Water based hazer with high output & precise output control, 1800 W. 5 min heat-up time, continuous operation at all levels. Handles all fluid types in the “Neutral-Pro” series without need of any settings.

LED Illuminated Smart BiB™ bag-in-box fluid container for easy readout of fluid level. SmartBiB™ prevents use of incorrect fluid in the machine. Integrated dual WaveGuides for precise direction of fan / haze output blow, 0 – 45 degrees.

NEW Fast-eject spring actuated lever for fluid container, NEW convenient drip tray below fluid connector with replace-able cellulose cloth (quickly absorbs the few drops coming out when fluid connector is released from container).

NEW bracket holder for BiB connector, NEW easy-to-replace air filter, NEW super insulated air pump.

NEW 316 inox noise reducing, wide haze beam output nozzle for smooth haze output at all levels + reduced ‘spray’ noise at high outputs. NOTE:Duramax series also fits into modular rack cases (for example Amptown’s Transflex system), requires front + rear rack strips.